Roadtrip: Munich – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria III

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A trip across Spain! After leaving Barcelona the way to Las Palmas led through the big Spanish cities Zaragoza, Madrid and Córdoba.

Yesterday the travellers reached Zaragoza and had the chance to visit the beautiful historic centre.


To spend a night, Madrid is really an excellent choice. The capital convinced with a typical Spanish flair even though it rained.

As Spain is famous for their healthy Mediterranean food, they tried a good red wine with jamón and queso. And as you can see – it makes you so happy!


After a short night they were back on the track again – today’s first destination was Córdoba.


With the smiling sun and cozy temperatures they arrived in Córdoba and had time for a sightseeing trip – especially the old Moorish monuments were quite impressive!


And not to forget: the typical Spanish orange trees at every street.

Now there are just 23km left til Cadiz where the the next stop is the ferry to Gran Canaria. And finally! – someone else will drive. That means time to relax 🙂

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