Second day of Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018!!!

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Hey guys!! How is it going?

Today our work teams started to build the projects. It’s a sunny day and we have started with a lot of motivation to work with the projects that the participants presented yesterday evening.

Our young talents had begun the day with a cup of coffee and planning the tasks to get on with it. Many of them already have progressed enough and there is a wonderful environment of teamwork and a lot of motivation and enthusiasm!! We are seeing the first results!!

At 12.30am we all have gone out to take a picture with the dron simulating ITQ’s initials. It was a really entertaining moment, we even did the wave!! Everyone, professionals, participants and staff shouted at the same time “ITQ” as a war cry!

After that, the professionals went to the South to have a sundowner in the Lopesan Baobab Hotel and then a networking event and a BBQ in the Smart Villa.

Okayyy guys, sorry for the short post, buuut now we have the presentations, we hope you have enjoyed and see you tomorrow!

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