Smart Green Island Makeathon – February 2018

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Dr. Stetter ITQ announces Makeathon 2018

We are proud to announce our third Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018, that will take place in February.

ITQ has the commitment to educate and teach young people for preparing them for the challenges which they will be faced due to upcoming new technologies and fast development processes which will be necessary.

Part of this commitment consists in celebrating amazing technological events like our Makeathons, where in only few days teams can develop stunning prototypes and show how fast development should look like.

In our previous Makeathons people could learn tons of cool stuff and get in touch with current industry professionals. You can get an idea about how impressive would be the next Makeathon taking a look to our previous one in this video:

We would like you to engage yourself in this awesome experience!! Students and professionals from all fields are welcome to participate. If you are passionate about technology and you want to have fun within a young and creative community register here:


Registration Makeathon 2018


It’s also a cool opportunity to visit the sunny Gran Canaria!! We are looking forward to see you in an impressive event!! 🙂




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