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We are really delighted how our upcoming projects and our networks are increasing and developing.

This weekend we are going to present our Smart Farming project at the Concurso Exposición de Ganado Selecto 2017 here in Gran Canaria.


Final check of the location for the upcoming fair.


We want to introduce our plans for our testing field at the Granja Agrícola Experimental de Arucas. As we recently started our Smart Farming activities we want to present our plans to adapt our FarmBots to the Gran Canarian agricultural circumstances. Gran Canaria offers a mild climate which is a perfect base for the cultivation of lots of different food.

Our vision is to turn Gran Canaria as a whole into a demonstrator to show how Smart Life could look like. And as agriculture is an important main pillar of the Canarian Industry and we have to reinvent our thoughts how we want to supply more and more people with organic food, we want to use our small „laboratory“ at the Granja Agrícola Experimental to improve farming robots and intelligent agricultural solutions.



Final preparations for the fair: a quick mockup of the structure of the FarmBot was built and humidity sensors were implemented to check the humidity of our testing object and to decide whether the plant needs water or not.


Therefore we are very excited about the possibility to get in contact with many many people that are currently working in the Gran Canarian primary sector. We want to establish new contacts and find new approaches for new revolutionary projects that can be realised in cooperation with the local companies. Because Smart Life begins right in front of your doorstep.


Furthermore we had a visit from a group of curious Highschool students, that came by our office in the Parque Científico Universitario at the university campus. We had the chance to give them an insight into robotics and our projects – and that’s more than just mathematics or theoretical physics.




Our teammate Daniel explained our guests how the delta robot works and which part it takes in the ITQ Smart4i demonstrator. Later they got the chance to make the robot pick a powerbank they wanted

Robots so close you can touch them! And that was the topic of our small presentation. At the end the Highschool students also had the possibility to see how they are working and how someone can control them. We are quite sure that we already saw some future engineers here. 😉


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