ITQ Mi5 Summercamp 2017 is running

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Hey guys, we have been telling you the last few weeks that we are going to celebrate the Summercamp in Maspalomas, in Gran Canaria. Well, you know what, we’ve already started. Dr. Stetter has given us a crazy wish list to make La Smart Villa the most cutting-edge in Canarias. We have gathered people from Germany, Austria, Spain and India.
On Sunday the participants arrived and we went to the airport to pick them up, although the car was full of our things, because we, the participants from Gran Canaria, have been invited to stay in the villa as well. You see, we were very comfortable in the car.

At Smart Villa everything was ready, with lots of material, provided by our sponsors – special thanks to our main sponsor AMK –  as well as by ITQ. The ground floor of the house had become a development lab.
The participants were so excited that they did not leave their luggage in their rooms, but left it in the hall and couldn´t wait to explore the villa and to drink something in the garden. It was very important to try the pool 🙂

But the fun was not only in the pool and the BBQ. The opportunity is unique, to be able to control the whole villa, having all the resources for it. So we got downstairs to work. The plan was simple: sort the material we have and make teams to focus on several areas. Finally we have four teams: Smart Homeracer, Gardenbot, Solar Flower Power and Let the force be with you.

Here you can see some of our teams during the daily pitch sessions.


Stay tuned, from now on we will keep you updated about the progress. For now we can only say that we are having a lot of fun!! 🙂

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