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The last week we celebrated our first amazing ITQ MI5 Summer Camp!!

It has been 6 great days, with great creativity and energy, but also exhausting, where some nights we have not slept to take advantage of this unique opportunity and implement incredible projects with industrial hardware and software, only available to a few who work at a high level in the world of engineering. As we have told you, Dr. Stetter has invited us to the new “La Smart Villa” and has given us the opportunity to automate and develop cutting-edge systems. The four teams that have been formed have worked in several areas, although interconnected with each other, so there has been continuous collaboration and knowledge has flowed from one group to another.

There is much to tell, but we do not want to write a book 😉 So we better show what we have done.

One team controlled with an app the garage door, the lights of the house and the pool as well as the doors of the house. Great job guys!!

The HomeRacer team offered a solution that integrated autonomous driving with robotics for home use, where the robot could map the rooms of the house, save the information and clean the empty spaces. It can be controlled from the computer or from the mobile and you can see what the robot is seeing at all time on your device. It was great to see the robot circulate among us while we worked without crashing into any obstacle. Yeah robots are fun !!

Team “Solar Flower Power” developed a great system! With their work the solar panels are able to follow the sun. We had a problem solving the transmission of the movement for the rotation of the panels, but in the end the guys have thought of using a bicycle chain. Luckily, Dr. Stetter knew a bike shop and we were able to buy the necessary equipment. Yuhuuu !!


Surely you have wondered what the solar panels would be used for, well, they feed the Gardenbot with sustainable energy. Within 5 days the team has assembled and connected it, wow !!

After the final presentations of the projects we have all met to dine together with our sponsors. It was great because we did a barbecue and spent the night in the garden and pool 🙂

Mr. Huneke from AMK – our Platinum Sponsor – was telling the participants how deeply impressed he was by what we could achieve within a very short time thanks to our intense work.

It has been a great experience and we are looking forward to the next ITQ event, the Makeathon 2018, so stay tuned!!



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