Summercamp Preparations

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The Project Mi5 Summercamp is coming closer and closer and we have got our hands full with the planning and organising processes.

The finca – our future smart home – has to be prepared to welcome all of our guests and to be them a home for one week. In the South of Gran Canaria, in the midst of sand dunes and green gras, our participants will find their residence. One of the tasks of the Summercamp is to collect ideas to turn the villa into a smart home: cleaning the house by itself as well as a overview system to monitor the water system are just some ideas.
The house offers the best possibilities for our projects!



Furthermore our Farmbot is assuming its nearly final shape! The FarmBot is supposed to take another big part in our Summercamp as the big garden offers many options for Smart Farming devices to either mow the lawn or grow own vegetables and fruits. As we already finished the software tasks to coordinate the robot, we used the last weeks to print a lot of components and assembled them together.

Take a look at our gallery:



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