Packaging, a new use case in MI5

After an intensive brain-writing, there is a long fight between our different amazing ideas and what we can develop with 5 months and 5 motivated students.

Well, you can have lot of brilliant ideas, but what is the most appropriate direction to choose the best one? How we can be innovative and reasonable with the new project?

Let’s break down exactly how we decided the new use case, based in the actual “Showcase MI5” for a plant food, we handle cookies, cocktails and creams. Taking a look the industry, one of the most big challenges is package food products and then we ask ourself: Why not?

We started to sketch our ideas of packaging thinking about the possible materials, for instance, the first model referent to plastic material with thermoforming technology.



Moreover we sketched the second model in the direction to package products in general, with carton, modeling this material and creating carton boxes.


Our next step is decide what of these two models will be the definitive one, if you want give us your feedback, don’t hesistate to write a comment, we are glad to receive it. We hope you enjoy with our sketches.