European Mi5-Hackathon on March 11/12

Project Mi5 is launching the next iteration. We will do a european Hackathon with students from Aalen, Vienna, Barcelona and Vic.

The date is Friday March 11, and Saturday March 12 of 2016.

If you are interested, leave us a comment below or send us via our contact form.

If you want, you can also attach a short CV or give a short description of yourself.

To give you some impression, we attached the video from our last hackathon:

European Hackathon:

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HWT Aalen: 48.837771, 10.073615
Technikum Vienna: 48.239291, 16.378116
TU Munich: 48.264671, 11.671391
UVIC: 41.933962, 2.247903
Universidad Ramon Lull: 41.411983, 2.130795
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HWT Aalen
Hochschule Aalen, Beethovenstraße, Aalen, Germany
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Technikum Vienna
FH Technikum Wien, Höchstädtplatz, Vienna, Austria
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TU Munich
Garching Forschungszentrum, Garching, Germany
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Universitat de Vic, Vic, Spain
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Universidad Ramon Lull
Universitat Ramon Llull, Carrer de Claravall, Barcelona, Spain

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards and see you soon
Thomas – Project Mi5

New Video from sps ipc drives

About two weeks have passed since the sps ipc drives. We have had a lot of positive feedback for our trade-fair demonstrator both from our sponsors and interested people. Many said, that our exhibition is the closest anyone got to the topic “Industry 4.0”

There was also a camera-team from that posted a very nice video and an article on their website. Click on the image below to see the video.


Kompetenztag Mechatronik

Bericht über den Kompetenztag Mechatronik, Schätzung: 100 Gäste, 30 Aussteller, 5 Stunden, und ein 3 Gänge Menü. Das sind die Randdaten des Kompetenztages Mechatronik. Aber nicht nur mit diesen Zahlen lässt sich dieses Event beeindruckend beschreiben.

Die Vorbereitungen für die Ausstellung von unserem Projekt hat uns mehrere Wochen beansprucht. Für dieses Event konnten wir unseren ersten Prototypen vorstellen. And now, i will just continue in english. Everything we had done so far, we documented in a folder for all the visitors to see. We improvised with LEGO Mindstorms to immitate the real-event triggered behaviour of not yet existing hardware. With that approach it was possible to let the whole system work, while most of the parts were not yet finished.