Team Gran Canaria: First steps

The Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria is on! As a result of our Robot workshop, some motivated students are continuing their work at our Lab in Las Palmas.

Mi5 Team Gran Canaria

We are currently working as an interdisciplinary team of 8 students.

Since both, the engineering and the informatics faculty, are cooperating with our project, some students are even able to have their work formaly accepted as a part of their studies.Faculty EIIC / ULPGCULPGC

PLC Electronics

First challenges were the electrical and electronical setup of our B&R delta robot, as well as the mechanical structure.


Currently the team is working on several tasks:

  • setting up a Simulation Environment using Siemens NX for CAD Design and IndustrialPhysics / Machineering for the HIL SimulationNX and Simu
  • constructing and building a case for the electronical components of the B&R Delta Robot

Lab Setup

  • Implementing an Image Processing Module for detecting coloured pieces, using MATLAB/Simulink

MATLAB Image Recognition

  • PLC & CNC Programming, OPC UA Setup and movement limits of the B&R Delta Robot



Despite the time in the university, we used the weekends for activities. Some Students of our Team and me went for a trip to ‘roque nublo’:


Also I managed to enhance my mobility and explore the island on two wheels:



Lessons learned:

  • It is close to impossible to find standard aluminium profiles on the island, but you get to know a lot of nice people while looking for them.
  • Seeing a moving robot catches every students attention, no mather if you can talk to him or not.
  • If a policeman pulls you over and asks you, if there are ‘STOP’ signs existing in germany aswell, he is not interested in german traffic culture.

SumUp: Mi5 Student Robot Workshop @ EII – Universidad Las Palmas

Last week there was the first Project Mi5 Event in Las Palmas – the Mi5 Robot Workshop.

Some facts:

  • 25 students
  • 9 disciplines
  • 5 Cities and 3 Countries: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Stuttgart, Vic/Barcelona, Vienna, Munich
  • 4 Micro-Robots, 3D Printer, Webcams, Arduinos & MATLAB



In multiple teams we worked on different challenges:

  • Mechanical Integration & Setup of the Robots
  • Soldering and electronical installation of the components
  • Arduino Axis programing using MATLAB & Arduino IDE
  • Kinematics calculation & integration into software
  • Image processing in combination with Cameras & MATLAB
  • Gripper and magnet CAD-design & 3D Printing


Robot Workshop@ ULP Gran Canaria

03LPARobotWorkshop 12LPARobotWorkshop 08LPARobotWorkshop

All students were in a very motivated mood, even though facing new challenges related to unfamiliar topics in a foreign language and a unknown team.

At the end, the students, as well as the professors from the EII University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, were proud of the nice and creative results.

Special thanks to  Technikum Vienna, MathWorks and the School of Computer Engineering ‘EII-ULPGC’

Special Thanks to Prof. Daniel Hernandez for the constant support and the local coordination with the faculty

Special thanks to Prof. Daniel Hernandez for the coordination and constant support from the faculty