SumUp: Mi5 Student Robot Workshop @ EII – Universidad Las Palmas

Last week there was the first Project Mi5 Event in Las Palmas – the Mi5 Robot Workshop.

Some facts:

  • 25 students
  • 9 disciplines
  • 5 Cities and 3 Countries: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Stuttgart, Vic/Barcelona, Vienna, Munich
  • 4 Micro-Robots, 3D Printer, Webcams, Arduinos & MATLAB



In multiple teams we worked on different challenges:

  • Mechanical Integration & Setup of the Robots
  • Soldering and electronical installation of the components
  • Arduino Axis programing using MATLAB & Arduino IDE
  • Kinematics calculation & integration into software
  • Image processing in combination with Cameras & MATLAB
  • Gripper and magnet CAD-design & 3D Printing


Robot Workshop@ ULP Gran Canaria

03LPARobotWorkshop 12LPARobotWorkshop 08LPARobotWorkshop

All students were in a very motivated mood, even though facing new challenges related to unfamiliar topics in a foreign language and a unknown team.

At the end, the students, as well as the professors from the EII University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, were proud of the nice and creative results.

Special thanks to  Technikum Vienna, MathWorks and the School of Computer Engineering ‘EII-ULPGC’

Special Thanks to Prof. Daniel Hernandez for the constant support and the local coordination with the faculty

Special thanks to Prof. Daniel Hernandez for the coordination and constant support from the faculty



Plattform Industrie 4.0

We are happy to be accepted as one of the outstanding projects for the Plattform Industrie 4.0. It is a selection of projects in the realm of Industry 4.0 (or Connected Industries). Our Showcase Mi5 shows the practicability of our approach.

Together we are not only working on better machines, but also to work as a european team. Machines can be seen as the men and women who built them. If the people don’t get along very well, the machine most often doesn’t either. So we are working together, to build machines, that funciton together.

Have a look: Plattform Industrie 4.0

We hope to see some of you on our hackathon in only 9 days.


Mi5.MUC Kick-Off Hackathon!

We want to get to know you!

For our next increment, we would like to invite new students from TUM, HM, HI and other universities to join us on our Kick-Off session.

First time, we will make an Mi5-Hackathon. As a basis for new ideas and developments, we want to use our existing demonstrator. Since it is already a unique platform to understand automation technology, we want to base your brainstorming on the demonstrator.

The Kick-Off will be on two days: Friday and Saturday, May 8th and 9th of 2015.

We divide every day in 3 steps. Friday:

  1. Get to know the demonstrator. Test every function, find bugs, hick-ups and see for yourself, how you could optimize the machine.
  2. Brainstorm and evaluate your ideas. Structure your thoughts and put them on paper. Show them to the other participiants and tell, what you want and can achieve on the one and half day remaining
  3. Find another person, or work on your idea by yourself.


  1. Sprint Review of the previous day. Tell what is your biggest challenge, and where you could need support.
  2. Continue developing and testing
  3. Integrate your solution in the demonstrator

The already existing Mi5-Team will also work on solutions, but will also assist any newcomer with the necessary knowledge of the existing technology.

We are sure, that it will be a great possibility to kickstart your Mi5 experience. Please keep in mind, that there are numerous possibilities, on how you could continue developing your own idea, or become a part of the Mi5 team: Working student, internships, being a part of a research project, funded by the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (DE) / Ministery for Research and Education of Germany) are just a starting point.

If you want to join, please send us an email on the contact form below, or to me personally:, or just leave a comment. We will send you the specific times and dates.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Preparation for Hannover Fair – Tasks

It has been some time, since we gave you some feedback. This is because of the exams, that we all have to write right now. TU Munich is not easy on us, and even though most of us think, that it is way more fun to work on the Mi5-Project, it doesn’t really help – real life I guess.

So we figured, that the increased workload on less shoulders calls for a new way to organize and delegate the different tasks, that are important. Inspired from the load-balancer, that are so common in modern web-development, we implemented our own version of it.
We also wanted to make all the tasks visible, that everybody is doing, because sometimes, responsability grows, and is not really communicated around the team.

Every team member had to write his own tasks on a card, with his color on it. Divided into the categories, technical and other. Technical would be the things that belong to a module or the whole machine. Everything, that is mandatory for a running machine.Other includes for example, PR, website, documentation, communicating with new team members, and more.

We then started to build clusters for a person, so that tasks are delegated to a person, that is already doing something similar. Also, we could define a person, that is mostly responsible for a group of tasks and coordinates all tasks that are related to that group.

The result:
AufgabenMarkusMarkus handles the public relations, but is supported by Kilian and me regarding graphics and other picture material. Besides, he will continue working on the Siemens Teamcenter topic, and be the responsible person for the mechanical manufacturing.








AufgabenOliverOliver will handle and coordinate the tasks that belong to the new OPC UA server. He also coordinates the SVN Repo, and continues with his development of the process tool.





Jonas tasks consist of being responsible for the XTS development, contact with Beckhoff. He also became the buddy of Diego, our newest team member and will help him integrate into our team, and assist with all open questions he might have, regarding Email, SVN, GIT, etc.







AufgabenKilian Kilian will continue working on the simulation. He is responsible for the mover adapter. Besides he is going to help in the PLC programming.









AufgabenThomas I will continue working on the HMI, supported by Björn. The contact to our spanish team is mainly through me. A GIT introduction is to be done by me, and also I am responsible for the two webpages that we maintain, and delegate the writing of the posts.







The team gave a very positive feedback for this kind of task delegation. It was good to visualize what every person is doing, and for what everyone feels responsible. Furthermore it showed, which tasks are done by nobody and that needs to be done. It helped to balance the tasks according to the ability of each person and the time each of us has.

Please comment and leave a reply if you have used a similar approach to solve this problem. We are also happy if you get inspired by this method and leave a reply.

Stand Up Coffee Meeting

Inspired by some new management techniques, we summarized our previous efforts in one final meeting. In a collegial atmosphere, we stood together, drank coffee and cookies (no cocktails today) and mused about worldly issues. To grab our thoughts and put them in a more orderly fashion, we covered the tables with a paper table-cloth and distributed pencils to every table. In this fashion we put down:

  • Things we want to do better in the next step
  • Concrete ideas how to make something better
  • Whatever we could think of, that has something to do with the project.

For example, you can see on the left side an idea that is called FiVe. It gives five points that should be done for every new team member:

  1. Vertrag (eng. contract) – Figure out the details for a new team member regarding his personal contract with ITQ (working student, free team member, etc.)
  2. Vorstellung (eng. introduction) – Introduce the team member to the consultants in ITQ and to the office. Futher to all the Mi5 team members of course
  3. Verteiler (eng. emails) – Make sure, that the new team member gets all information!
  4. Verantwortung (eng. responsibility) – Define what the new team members capabilites and thus responsibilietes are
  5. Vorraussetzung (eng. prerequisites) – What the new team member needs to add to the team: initiative!

There we have also collected information to the following points, that I will sum up here shortly:

  • brainstorming needs to be shorter and at defined points
  • leadership organization according to abilietes
  • email to everybody difficult, often only 50% read and address the emails
  • targets in redmine need to be reachable
  • communication coach for the team
  • weekly meetings: figure out if the whole team needs to hear something or more the module part
  • mentor for new team members is good
  • more open reviews

Below you find our results. It is the same picture flipped by 180 degrees.

This kind of feedback round was widely appreciated. The team liked the cozy atmosphere of drinking coffee in the conference room. We could talk and sum up our efforts and get together for a last time, before everybody had to head back to his studies.

One thing for sure, we will do this again! Next time maybe with cocktails.

Virtual Process Simulation – Realization

In the video below, you can see the XTS PLC linked to the simulation with the simulation software Industrial Physics and to the actual hardware at the same time. This is used by our developer team to test their programming in a virtual HIL setup. Even without the actual hardware components, it is possible do a systematic test of the whole system.

Further infomations can be found under


Have a look at our newest video of the recent start up , too!

Industry 4.0

As we are actively working on the subject, Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems, we investigate existing projects in Germany.

Industry 4.0, as we understand it, is based on the connection of technology. Thus it is possible to create completely new user stories, simply by combining two acting members. As an example, imagine to be the only person having a cell phone. You can’t call anybody. When there is a second person that has a cell phone, you can then start to interact with this person. It is then the link between this person and yourself, that is enhancing your overall capacity. With that picture in mind, it then becomes clear, what effect it will have, once you have internet on your cell phone, now smart phone. You can start to interact with the whole world, and countless possibilities become reality.
The German Government is funding Industry 4.0 efforts. On the following pages you can find additional information about how they see Industry 4.0, what their interest is, and find some inspiration:

Please let us know what you think about it in the comments or write us an email.

We are looking forward to an open discussion.




Introduction to MI5 (ger)

In the following video, we will give you a short introduction about the Project MI5. In general, we think of it as a perfect possibility for students, to enhance their practical experience. Since in universities, the focus lies on the theoretical stuff, we additionally learn to apply our newly learned skills.

This practical experience is unique for must of us, and challenges us. We recognize, that it can be a big step, from dry theory, to practical application.