The Coffee-Maker: A new module for the Mi5 Demonstrator

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A new module for the Mi5’s “food factory” is being build. A team of students coming from Barcelona are working on the new Coffee-Maker Module that is thought to deliver coffee and sugar, if desired, to the user.


The most characteristic features of this new module are a pick-and-place robot of 5 axis made out of 3D-printed plastic components, an image recognition software that provides positional data of the desired coffee capsule to the robot and all the flavor of a freshly brewed Nespresso.

This Mi5-Project has been developed in collaboration with SIEMENS and will be used as a benchmark for this company as the whole simulation of the project has been developed in NX, what permitted to import all data to the PLM Software of SIEMENS: Team Center.


The Spanish Team: Antonio Salazar, Jaume Delclòs, Guillem Icart, Alex Pagés, Adrià Bigordà, Ferran Perutxet-Olesti

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  1. Thomas Frei

    Awesome idea guys! I am looking forward to the next trade fair.


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