Smart Farming goes agricultural fair

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Hola from the farming fair in Arucas 🙂  !!

We prepared everything for our fair presentation at the Concurso Exposición de Ganado Selecto 2017 and this weekend we can proudly present our stand.



Many people already visited our booth and we had many opportunities to present our current and upcoming projects. During the day Miguel Hidalgo Sánchez, the Consejero de Área de Sector Primario y Sostenibilidad Alimentaria, visited us and we had the chance to show him our progress.



As it is always quite easier to show some actual prototypes and projects, we brought our Mi5 Car and a little prototype of our FarmBot which we set up in the last 2 days. The people are really impressed how the robot measures temperature and humidity and how you can control it via our Web App. The digital twin simulation, which is running parallel to our real life robot model, is also a highlight!



We are looking forward to welcome the visitors the next hours and tomorrow for the second day at the fair! Don’t hesitate to visit us here in the nice Granja Agricultura in Arucas 🙂

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