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Last week we took part in the great Think in Innovation event celebrated by Lopesan Hotel Group, where we had the opportunity to program and implement cool ideas provided by Lopesan employees in our smart robotic mate, Pepper, sponsored by Plexus.

The event took part on Friday 17th in an amazing location, the Lopesan Baobab Resort, where the competition results were presented.

Here you can see that the event was even broadcast on TV 🙂


The whole competition was organized by Lucía Santana, the Research & Development Manager, for sure one of the nicest people we met 🙂 You can see how great the mood was.

Each one of the participants had to develop an idea during two days for finding out how Pepper can contribute to the hotels for making the guests get in touch with the concept of Life 4.0. The event was an ideas competition and ITQ took part with a team of developers and we worked together with other participants in an inspiring environment around robotics topic in Lopesan’s innovation offices. During the ceremony Óscar Herrera, the Innovation Manager of Lopesan Hotel Group, awarded the winner of the competition, who was our colleague Daniel Hormigo. Gongratulations Dani!! We are very proud that one of our team mates won the competition, yeeah!!

During the event some of the developments implemented in Pepper were showed. Here we can see Óscar interacting with him during his amazing presentation!


It was a really nice experience to work together with Lopesan Hotel Group developers.  Interacting with the cute Pepper was really cool, everybody wanted to take a pic with him and we also didn’t want to miss the opportunity 😉

Michael Enslin, Lars Bornecke, Daniel Hormigo

 We are looking forward for next cool collaborations with Lopesan 🙂


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