VIP Event @Smart Villa Maspalomas

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Heeey, what’s up guys?! Do you remember our Makeathon? (I hope the answer is “of course” 😉 )

Today we want to show you some pictures of the evening our visitors spent on our amazing ITQ Smart Villa! In the Smart Villa we welcomed the sponsors and decision makers from several great companies to convince them what an attractive place Gran Canaria is 😉

As you can see everybody had a wonderful time there!! 🙂

And here is our CEO Rainer Stetter with his new gong :mrgreen:

The gong was a present from the ITQ project organization team, which were also guests during several days at the Smart Villa. They could enjoy the amazing Maspalomas weather and also could discuss some new development approaches in an inspiring environment. 😎

We are proud of having people as amazing as them here with us and we hope to see them (and you) very soon!!! 🙂

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