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During this week,  the Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria worked on several modules concerning the VDMA Demonstrator.


Firstly, we bought a methacrylate crystal for the image recognition of the powerbanks.  The benefit of the crystal glass is, that we can place the powerbanks on top of it and the camera beneath it. Moreover, with the crystal glass the image recognition is more independent from the background because the robot is now less clear for the camera. This allows us to detect easily the powerbanks and the colours which are required: red, orange, blue and black.


IMG_20161111_132615 IMG_20161111_132532











Additionally,  concerning the image recognition module we established an OPC UA Server connection with MATLAB and we were able to read and write variables on the PLC.


In relation to the simulation module, we defined more than 200 inputs and 200 outputs between our Siemens NX MCD Model and values from the PLC Server.

We also ran a Performance Test to ensure that there will not be any breakdown in the system during the fair.


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