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Hola amigos,

I am Eric from Germany and I am going to write about my Bachelor Thesis here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. First, I have to say – this island is AWESOME. But if you ask me why, puuuh, that’s a lot to tell.

My first motivation to come here, was to make the experience of working on a holiday island. I wanted to see how is it possible that a German company like ITQ, is able to earn money at this place. Because I only know from this island the good weather and the sea, and working in the heat around lunchtime? I wasn’t able to imagine.

But the only thing we Germans know about Gran Canaria (GC) is Maspalomas. Maspalomas is in the south of GC, that means that there is always sunny and minimum 26 degrees. Covered from the clouds by the mountains is there always the perfect holiday weather – but for working? Imagine 32 degrees outside, always perfect weather and you have to work on some software stuff – mostly inside? Not so nice. But if you look to the north of the island there you will find all this “covered” clouds and so it is most of the day cloudy and around 23 degrees or more (depends on the wind and clouds).

And by the way, the mountains aren’t good only for cover Maspalomas from clouds. I have to recommend to you that hiking tours to Roque Nublo and Pico de las Nives (the highest one) are very nice too as you can see on the picture of the title.

Okay, now enough from weather. My second motivation to come here was the sea. I learned windsurfing in Germany on the “nordfriesischen” islands and so it was amazing to come here to the island with the world cup beach for windsurfing. For sure I visited this beach (called Pozo Izquierdo) and was there for rent some material and to watch the other surfers. On an usual day there are always some professionals who train some new moves or only go there to have fun. Guys, this is unbelievable. This is like, if you like football and you could meet C. Ronaldo on his training field for free. Amazing.

Before I forget: yes it is true, it is possible to work here on Gran Canaria. I for example, work on a very nice project with Virtual Reality (VR). The goal for this project is to connect the VR hardware with another hardware in the real world. That means for example to control a drone, a robot or every actor with VR.

My task is to connect the VR with the airhockey table from ITQ in Munich. That means that after the project it is possible to play airhockey as a multiplayer game. One player at the real table and one in the virtual reality. The robot on the table is the controlled actor which is the connection of the VR player with the real world.

For me, this is something very special, because I have never tried some VR hardware before and I am “only” an engineer of Mechatronics (combination out of mechanics, electronics and software – mostly used in robotics and automation projects). So everything I did here was more or less new for me. For example, I had to create the virtual world using the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is (for the non-game-developers) a software for creating gaming content – something very special for a mechatronic engineer. I also had to program some code in Python for connecting my HMD (Head Mounted Display) to a webserver that I could control with the controllers of the HMD some actuators in the real world.

In the end I can say, it is possible to life here a normal live and it is hard to make every time these decisions, what do I want to do now? Because the island has a lot attractive stuff you could do, and the weather always motivates you, to go out and move somehow.

This was now my post from my biggest experiences in GC. There is a lot more to tell you, but for now I believe it is enough.

If you have a similar project or some questions about this project, I would like to answer your emails 😉

You can use the address below the post.

See ya guys and hasta luego,

Eric. (questions about the project) (general questions, own projects, …)

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